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Visit ZenKi Space for holistic treatments that will help you balance your health and emotional wellbeing.

Zen: Peaceful and calm. Ki: Energy

ZenKi Space was founded by Woody Edmiston and together with Rebecca Marr they run a thriving and successful business.

Both are lifestyle and wellbeing coaches with over 20 years experience, covering all aspects of Health, Fitness and Holistic Therapies.

ZenkiSpace provides energy healing, reiki, and different forms of massage, including Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Bowen Therapy, Hot Stone and Restorative Techniques.

Woody also has background in Personal Training and has treated a wide range of clients from sports professionals to children.

Rebecca is also a Pilates Mat and Reformer teacher with a background in Personal Training and Nutrition.

With a passion for physical and mental wellbeing and the knowledge it takes to live a healthy lifestyle, Woody and Rebecca’s holistic approach to wellness provides you with what you need to maximise your potential and get what you want out of life!

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