About ZenKi Space

Woody Fitness Coaching

ZenKi Space is located in the centre of Lymington and run by holistic practitioner Woody Edmiston.

Woody is a Lifestyle and Wellbeing Coach with over 20 years experience, covering all aspects of Health, Fitness and Holistic Therapies. Woody practices different forms of massage, including Sports Massage, Deep Tissue and Restorative Techniques.

Alongside this he has been a Bowen Technique practitioner for a similar period of time and have treated a wide range of clients from sports professionals to children.

Several years ago he also developed an interest in  Bioenergetics and wanted to understand more about how we can heal ourselves through frequency.

Now as a NESHealth Coach, he is able to implement that knowledge into his treatments.

More recently under the guidance and tutourlidge of world renowned Reiki Master, Richard Ellis, Woody became a Reiki Master himself and has been fortunate enough to develop a regular and loyal following. Having witnessed first hand the amazing benefits that this mystical, yet simple Japanese practice offers, he continues to be amazed by its healing power.  

Woody’s mantra is that we are all here to grow as as we stand own the threshold of new beginnings, we sometimes need a little encouragement to open the right doors. By taking a 360 approach to wellbeing, Woody can help you with making small changes, that will lead to greater more positive changes in your life. Micro changes become habitual as they form part of our daily practice.

The world we live in is driven by success, be it physical or intellectual, and often because of that drive we can forget a simple yet important aspect – that which gives us connection, both to ourselves and to others. With a passion for physical and mental wellbeing and the knowledge it takes to live a healthy lifestyle, his holistic approach to wellness provides you with what you need to maximise your potential and get what you want out of life.

“My career has incorporated coaching, sports therapy, nutrition and yacht racing. Having knowledge and understanding of individual clients needs helps them to become aster of who they are and how, together, we can establish and reach their goals.”