Onboard Wellbeing

Focusing on tried and tested techniques, we guide participants in developing habits that deliver long lasting and profound changes to their lives, both onboard and in the wider environment.

As an established lifestyle and wellbeing consultancy with over 20 years experience in the industry, Zenki Space offers in-person training for specialist group and one to one wellness practices.

Monaco Yacht Show

With a deep knowledge and understanding of the yachting industry, we recognise first-hand the demands and stresses of running a busy yacht, whether charter or private, alongside managing crew and the differing dynamics.

Using a variety of proven performance enhancing modalities, including breathwork, meditation, reiki and specific stress release exercises, we give our clients the tools to unlock the power of their potential, whilst proactively taking control of their lives.

These types of practices offer a change of perspective that gives any crew or team an edge and allows them to feel more aligned with one another so they can work together with a greater sense of purpose and direction. Bonding and sharing exercises will always have a positive impact.

We firmly believe that Onboard Wellbeing is fundamental to a positive working and living environment within the busy world of yachting, with key benefits such as higher crew retention, reduced days off due to mental illness/stress and additional skills to offer guests.

Why choose us over an app or a digital platform?
To attain the best results, we use unstructured structure to deliver conscious wellbeing. Not knowing exactly what is going to happen makes working with ZenkiSpace a masterful and authentic experience, bringing holistic to the mainstream!

This is why we would prefer to go and see a musician play live rather than listening on spotify, because ultimately, we want to fully immerse ourselves in the totality of a real-life experience, of which ZenkiSpace uniquely and proudly provides.

Woody & Rebecca
Onboard Wellbeing at ZenkiSpace

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